A downloadable game for Windows

Game Modes

Normal - Just shoot asteroids and make the biggest score !

Hardcore - One life and a timer ! What score can you do with this ?

Save the earth - Same as the normal with an exception. If a big asteroids shoot the earth, the game end !

Multi (Local) - It's like the normal mode, but you're player with a friend (or not) on the same keyboard and 2 spaceships instead of 1.

Controls (Solo)

Top Arrow - Move your spaceship

Down Arrow - Reduce the speed of your spaceship

Left/Right Arrow - Rotate your spaceship

Space Bar - Shoot


  • Destroy a big asteroid - Add 50 points
  • Destroy a small asteroid - Add 25 points
  • Speed lower than 1 (almost stationary) - Remove 3 points/2seconds
  • All 10 missed shots combined - Remove 25 points

Bonus and Malus

Sometimes, an asteroid drop a bonus/malus. (There is one chance out of two)


    • 1L - Add 1 life
    • 10B - Player is protected by a shield during 10 seconds
    • 100pt - Add 100 points


    • H.S - You can't rotate your ship during 2 seconds
    • 50pt - Remove 50 points


Do you need to report an issue ?

Go to the issues page and click on the green button "New issue". i'll answer you faster as possible.

Can i have the source code ?

Yes ! Juste go on the Github page and get the code by cloning or downloading it.

StatusIn development
Release date Oct 12, 2016
Tags2D, asteroid, Space
LicenseApache License 2.0
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

Step 1. Click on the download button from this page.

Step 2. Run "Asteroid Battle V3.exe".

Step 3. Play


Asteroid Battle V3 2 MB

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